"TRANSITIONS" By Mark Vinsun at Atelier Art New York. Continues the evolution of this painters "quest for meaning" in the world of Abstract Expressionism.

September 13, 2004 -- Mark Visions new paintings at Atelier Art New York "TRANSITIONS" are truly self-reflective with bitterness and calm shown in each stroke. Im not saying that these paintings are an analysis of whats going on in the mind of the artist or his life. Just looking at this grouping one wonders why such "force" in the paint strokes of even his most subdued titled painting "Pastorial Alegory", a painting suggested, by its title, of a beautiful field of "river vegetation ie... grasses" surounding a flowing river under a calm cloudless blue sky in Mr. Vinsun's beloved Puerto Rico a island in the caribbean which ironically is in the midst of one of the worst hurricane seasons in recent memory. Very "abstract- realistic", but the "strokes" are wild and deep cut deep into the large "dollops" of paint that the artist applies on his canvas. Reminds the viewer of glaciers cutting deep into the earth during some past diluvian "happening".

So as you continue to walk thru this show looking at each painting you begin to clearly see that Mr. Vinsun's technique and vision meld into one "orgiastic" movement of "paint and stroke"; bringing "life and light" ("vida y luz")into each art work as the dominican art critic and curator Mr. Amable Lopez Melendez said during a recent visit to Mr. Vinsun's studio in New York.

So what else can be said of these paintings created for this show except that they are each a distinctive narrative exploration from personal experiences perceived or imagined that heightens and enlightens each viewers "artistic experience". George Urbane, Art Critic


SHOW TIMES BY APPOINTMENT AT Atelier Art New York, Hells Kitchen Gallery, 484 West 43rd Street Suite 4-B, New York, New York

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