Allison Merriweather dyslexic painter/sculptor to exhibit at national festival

March 19, 2004--Learning disabled Painter Allison Merriweather has been selected to exhibit at the 2004 International VSA Arts Festival to take place June 9-12, 2004, in Washington, D.C. The festival will feature more than 200 artists, selected by independent juries.

Merriweather has a several learning disabilities, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia (mathematical disability) and Dysgraphia (writing disability). For more than twenty years, Merriweather has pursued her own uniquely personal and idiosyncratic style of painting. Merriweather's narrative paintings address universal themes of love, spirituality, dreams, and loss. The exhibition provides two wonderful examples of her monumental oil paintings. Including a massive work titled 'Sirens and Serpents'. This unusual painting depicts Alexander the Great and Roxanne in brilliant colors. This massive art-work projects a dream like quality that is both haunting and unexpectedly intense. Merriweather states "I believe that my 'different' way of seeing the world has enriched my art and given me rare insight as well as a deep sense of compassion for my fellow human." Allison has works included in private, corporate and museum collections throughout the United States and abroad.

VSA Arts is an international nonprofit organization that provides opportunities in the arts for people with disabilities.

Founded in 1974 by Jean Kennedy Smith, it reaches nearly 5 million people around the world, through a network of affiliates in 39 states and 64 countries.

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