Voice Painter comes to Camps and Summer Programs

New York, NY May 26, 2004 -- Interactive, Fun, Creative and Artistic – and kids do it by using their voices! Voice Painter is proprietary software that allows kids to created amazing paintings with their voices. It was created by a psychologist/technologist, and has been used at private parties and events for over two years. Now it is being made available to camps, day schools and summer programs for children, ‘tweens and teens to use and enjoy.

Voice Painter Tee Shirt Day, one of the ways it is being offered, is available for all camps, day schools and summer programs, even if they don't have computers. Staff will visit the site and give kids the opportunity to create voice paintings and take home their own one of a kind Voice Painted tee shirts. For sites that have computers, Voice Painter is also available as an activity in which kids will create unique Voice Painted greeting cards. The activities can be led by experienced Voice Painter staff or the sites own staff. The activities are designed to be fun, educational and age appropriate. "Voice Painter encourages creativity and personal expression, and can serve to enhance self-esteem because any child can create something truly beautiful", according to its creator Dr. Tom Riedl. Over one hundred sites are expected to use Voice Painter this summer.

"The program offers children opportunities to explore a new kind of artistic experience, one in which their own voices act as the tool for their creations. Voice Painter fosters creativity, and allows all children, even those who are not technically proficient with a pencil and paper, to finish stunning works of art, thus enhancing their ability to see themselves as creators." Sheila Sweeny, Children's Education Consultant

"Coooooooool" - Haley Ryger, 8 year old   

For more information call 212.946.1201 or visit www.voicepainter.com

Thomas R. Riedl, Ph.D

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