Pragmatic Software implements Job Management System for Huss Painting

Decmeber 12 2003--Huss Painting Company, located in Littleton, Colorado, paints homes for all the major home builders in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. Previously, Huss Painting tracked all their clients, subcontractors and the painting jobs using an antiquated Fox Pro system that was DOS based. While the software was a sound way to track jobs, it was several years old and would not work properly in a Windows based environment.

Huss Painting decided to upgrade their computer infrastructure and to redesign their DOS based Job Management system to be more user friendly and to work in a Windows environment. Huss Painting enlisted the services of Optimum Networking ( to design, purchase and install their new network, servers and PCs.

As the network architecture was being completed by Optimum Networking, Huss Painting chose Pragmatic Software Company ( to develop a new Windows based Job Management system to replace the existing DOS based system. The goal was to provide a system that sported the same functionality as the DOS based system but also included major enhancements designed to make managing jobs much easier.

"We designed the new Windows based application using Microsoft Access because of the ease of development, budget constraints and the tight deadline that was needed for the project", says Steve Miller, President of Pragmatic Software. "The new system is much more configurable than the prior DOS based system and supports copy and paste features that were just not possible in the DOS based system."

"We were impressed with the speed in which Pragmatic Software developed our application", says Denise Jollif of Huss Painting. Pragmatic Software provided us a fixed budget and delivery date and met both the budget and the delivery date. We were given a few weeks to fully test the system prior to implementation, which really allowed us to migrate to the new system with ease. We are very happy with the solution and are sure that it will allow us to more accurately manage our painting jobs."

Founded in 1992, Pragmatic Software Company, Inc. based in Denver, Colorado is an Internet software company that provides software products, web-based professional solutions and software consulting services. For more information on Pragmatic Software, go to or contact Steve Miller at or (800) 773-7785.

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